Game Review: Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3)

As we’ve already established, I’m a trivia lunatic.

To date, Buzz! on PS2 has easily been my favorite console-based Q&A game.

Can the PS3 version possibly top last generation’s version?

Find out inside.

Let’s list some features:

  • 5000+ Questions
  • FREE Downloadable User-Created Quizzes
  • Online Multi-Player
  • Downloadable Quiz Packs (500+ Questions, Reasonably Priced)
  • Trophy Support
  • Leaderboards

If you read my review of Buzz! for the PSP, you may remember that the only redeeming quality I found in that version was in the wi-fi multiplayer, and the PS3 game trumps all pre-existing feature sets in that arena. Online multiplayer is quick, easy, and an absolute blast.

Play with up to 8 people (you’ll need an extra set of controllers, else you’re limited to 4) in your living room or 4 people at a time online in Sofa vs. Sofa mode.

Single player is slightly limited in scope, but not in content. Although single player games are relegated to the ‘Stop the Clock’ game mode (perhap the only real knock I have against the game), you’ll never run out of questions, with user created quizzes and DLC seamlessly integrated into your game.

The game sees a return of several popular game modes like ‘Point Stealer’ and ‘Pie Fight’ to switch things up (and equalize points for less savvy players) but doesn’t do much more for the formula.

It doesn’t have to.

If you like trivia, are looking for a game that you can play with the kids, or just need a party game that doesn’t rely on plastic guitars or a Nintendo console… get it.

Just beware, the initial patch that adds Trophy support is substantial, and can take about 30 minutes to download and install. Well worth the wait, though. You’ll also need to have batteries for the wireless controllers as the EIGHT AA’s ARE NOT PROVIDED.

Way to get cheap on us.

Matt Says – BUY IT