Finally A Supercomputer For The Working Man!

Just the other day I was using my pocket calculator to create a complex climate simulation gauging the effects of lunar cycles on bacteria growth in wetland areas.

I was thinking to myself ‘This would be SO much easier if I just had a supercomputer, but who has an extra million dollars laying around?’

Cray must have been eavesdropping on my thoughts (again) because they just announced their new ‘budget’ desktop supercomputer!

Sporting 8 nodes with 64 cores and 64GB of RAM each (that’s 512 cores and 512 GB of RAM total) and starting at an easy to afford $25,000… who DOESN’T want one?

It even comes in Windows HPC or Linux flavors.

Click the image above for a brochure and ordering information.

Now… pardon me, I have a kidney to sell.