Game Review: Mortal Kombat vs DC (PS3, 360)

mkvsdc The first Mortal Kombat on current generation systems, the first crossover game in the series… Do the changes work? Find out on the other side in our review of Mortal Kombat vs DC.

Mortal Monday has come and gone and things have definitely changed this time around. Let’s start with the obvious: why are there heroes in my Mortal Kombat? Basically, the DC universe and the Mortal Kombat realms are merging due to an event caused by Raiden and Shao Kahn/ Superman and Darkseid. That is all you will get from me regarding the story as I don’t like giving too much away.

The game itself is gorgeous in 1080p and runs on the Unreal engine. I believe this could be the first use of it in a fighting game, but I could be wrong. There are some nice effects in the game, namely water and damage to characters as the fight goes on.  Besides there being heroes in the game, you will notice that the combat is actually a lot faster than the past few games in the series, and the return of aerial combat plays a significant role.

Fundamentally, MK vs DC plays a lot like the original three games. While being 3D, in order to side step, you need to press and hold a trigger button then press up or down or use the left analog stick. Weird at first but once you get used to it, actually works quite well. If you don’t use it, it’s basically a 2d fighter.

Konquest mode has been removed and replaced with “Story” mode. It basically walks you through the story and you fight your way through it with cut scenes between bouts. I was disappointed with not being able to use fatalities during the story mode, but it makes sense. If I finished someone early in the story and they came back, it would be odd I guess. All in all story mode is fun but very long.

Arcade mode is there as always, but this time it allows you to choose either DC, MK or a mix of the two worlds. During fights, you will find that “Test Your Might” is back, but not as we remember it. If you throw your foe against certain walls a sequence is initiated and your character shoulder blocks him through a series of walls inflicting damage. While this sequence is going you basically pound the face buttons to maximize the damage and the victim pounds his to lessen it.

A new addition is what they call “Close Kombat”. By pressing a button when you are close to your opponent, it brings the camera in and in each corner of the screen is the face buttons for your controller. The individual that initiates it is the aggressor and begins to hit the face buttons, which attacks the other person. The other person tries to hit the same button to counter and get out. Max damage is 30% during close kombat.

When knocking an enemy off a building, you begin free-fall kombat, which works similar to the close kombat. As you tumble to the ground you have the face buttons and begin attacking, a meter fills as you attack. When the meter reaches a certain point you can hit a button to end the sequence with a super move.  The main difference between this and close kombat is that if countered, your opponent becomes the aggressor. Max damage possible is 30%.

Rage has been added to the mix as well. As you fight, a meter under your health is displayed in two segments. After it fills a segment, you gain the ability to break an attack by pressing block and towards your attacker. If you use the breaker ability, the rage gained for that segment is lost. If you let it fill completely you can go into “Rage Mode” which basically renders your attacks interruptible but you still take damage. I personally use the breakers more than saving for rage mode because it seems that I play against a lot of button mashers and sometimes it is your only saving grace.

Blood has been toned down as well as the Fatalities or Heroic Brutalities if you’re playing a hero. At first this bothered me, but after a while you kinda forget and the game stands on it’s own and doesn’t need it as a crutch.

There is online multiplayer and it works well. I only saw one instance of lag and it wasn’t anything too bad.

Overall, I enjoyed this game and plan on continuing to play it. Trophies are not too tough and it’s always fun to sit and play a good fighter with friends.

Brian Says – BUY IT

You can find a Fatality listing here as well as a Trophy/Achievement list here.


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