2008 Game Of The Year Nominees!

As we wind up the year that was 2008, we at Bag Of Mad Bastards are starting to think about our Game of the Year picks.

We thought you might like to have some input, so here is our ‘short list’ of games, and corresponding polls so you can add your two cents.

Make your voice heard inside.

While we’ll be making our own picks, your votes will be counted towards a “Reader’s Choice” award in each category, and may be used to break ties in our own internal voting.

NOTE: The only game left to be released this year that COULD have some significance is the new Prince of Persia title. If it turns out well enough to warrant consideration, we’ll include it in next year’s list. Games were chosen based on our reviews, our personal preference for games we DIDN’T review (but did play), and average metacritic scores.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to some weirdness with the polling software, some titles were showing up in the wrong polls… it’s been fixed. Also a few titles that didn’t make the ‘final cut’ were also included in the final version. They’ve been removed. I promise you, we’re not COMPLETE idiots; we know Gran Turismo wasn’t multi-platform.


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