Sam And Max Go To Retail


In an article written for Edge Magazine, Atari’s Phil Harrison (formerly of Sony… you know… the tall bald guy with personality) dropped some news for fans of Telltale’s Freelance Police:

Today, we are announcing a distribution relationship with Telltale Games for Sam and Max. Previously a digital distribution product only, we’re bringing that to retail through a world wide distribution relationship.

Hopefully this will also mean a chance for new platforms to get in on the adventure, but there was no indication of the title(s) being ported to machines other than PC and Wii.

Personally, I think it would be a great fit for PSP, but I don’t make the decisions, do I? Also, without a digital distribution system, and a HUGE install base… what about PS2?

Also, no news on when the game will ship to retail shelves, but it when it does… count on a decent amount of internet impaired Wii owners to latch on.