Home In The Next Ten Days: Rumor Or Fact?

homelogoI don’t buy it, but then again, isn’t everyone sick of hearing when Home is SUPPOSED to come out? Really do you honestly care anymore? I know I don’t. This info came Kotaku and is classified as RUMOR! They got it from The Times (in the UK).

PS: Yes this is a RUMOR. We classify it that way to, so don’t go yelling at us when it doesn’t happen in the next ten days. ;P


0 thoughts on “Home In The Next Ten Days: Rumor Or Fact?

  1. Does this mean Qore subscribers will get their obligatory early access code on Wednesday?

    If that happens, I might believe it, but I’m not holding my breath… or really giving a damn about anything Qore promises… or giving a damn about Home at this point.

    Has hype, delays, and undelivered promises killed Home for the hardcore? I think it has.

    Although I can SEE a future for Home, and some compelling reasons to use it… I’ve just soured on it.

    Saw the rumor this morning and decided not to write anything on it; beyond caring at this point.

    Merry F’ing Christmas Sony!