Drunken Monkey Tech: 2008 Game Of The Year Awards

It’s the time of year when everyone sits down, gives their opinion on what they liked and what they didn’t… then gets flamed for it from fanboys.

Not to be left out of the party, we’re posting the results of our online poll and our own picks.

Agree or disagree, it’s what it is.

Get the full rundown inside.

Audience Choice Awards

Based on our online poll a few weeks back, here’s what YOU the Bastaroids reader selected as your favorite games of 2008.

XBox 360 – Gears of War 2

Runner Up – Left 4 Dead

Playstation 3 – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Runner Up – LittleBigPlanet

Nintendo Wii – Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Runner Up – Mario Kart Wii

Multi-Platform – Dead Space

Runner Up – Fallout 3

Drunken Monkey Tech Awards

Developer of the Year: Criterion (Burnout Paradise)

Publisher of the Year: Electronic Arts (Burnout Paradise, Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge)

Disappointment of the Year: SOCOM: Confrontation

Brian’s Nominations for Game of the Year:

Rock Band 2

Prince of Persia

Fallout 3

Josh’s Nominations for Game of the Year:

Resistance 2

Dead Space

Matt’s Nominations for Game of the Year:

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Dead Space

Mirror’s Edge

Drunken Monkey Tech 2008 Game of the Year –  Rock Band 2

Honorable Mention: Dead Space, Resistance 2

Want to know how we came to these decisions? Wish you could be a fly on the wall when we discuss our picks? Listen to the whole sordid episode on the Drunken Monkey Tech Podcast.