SOCOM 1.30 Patch Coming… Eventually


There is no way around it: the  SOCOM Confrontation launch was a tangled disaster of missing features, poor design choices, and unresponsive servers.

Server-side fixes have made the game playable (barely), but the game is still missing Trophies (contrary to what it says on the friggin’ box) and crashes, disconnects, bugs, and exploits still plague the title.

Sony and Slant Six have maintained that they are committed to fixing outstanding issues, and have even told us that the next round of patches (to version 1.30) will take care of all the problems… except maybe Trophy Support, nobody is saying much about that right now.

What we DO know is that Slant Six says the patch is done and is just waiting for Sony to review the code.

Unfortunately, Sony’s QA team has taken the holidays off (that explains Home, I guess) and the patch will not be available until next year.

Let me say that again so it sinks in: Sony and Slant Six released a game in October that is damn near unplayable, the patch is ready, and they are going to make paying customers wait until at least January 5th (maybe as late as the 16th) to make good.

Merry F’ing Christmas SOCOM fans… from Sony to you.