New In The Playstation Store – 7-31-08

Sony has graced us with a WHOLE lot of stuff today, including one of the weirdest, most infuriating, yet addicting games I’ve seen: Pixeljunk Eden.

Full list inside!

Full Games

Pixeljunk Eden – $10


Rock Band Songs: From Scars On Broadway, Staind, Testament, and The New No 2 (price varies)

Soul Calibur IV: Customization Equipment Pack 1 – $1.50



LEGO Indiana Jones

Madden NFL 09


*The Last Guy – Trailer

AST Dew Tour – BMX Progression

AST Dew Tour – BMX Rewind

AST Dew Tour – FMX Unleashed

AST Dew Tour – Skate Highlights

Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Making of Part 2

Beijing 2008 Track – Trailer

Beijing 2008 Swimming – Trailer

Vampire Rain Altered Species – Trailer


Killzone 2

Pixeljunk Eden


Siren: Blood Curse – 2 Different Styles

Soul Calibur IV – 2 Different Styles

Street Fighter IV Teaser


Soul Calibur IV Soundtrack – 17 tracks, $.99 each, or complete soundtrack for $14.99


0 thoughts on “New In The Playstation Store – 7-31-08

  1. Already Soul Calibur IV Content? Rock on. Eager for the Facebreaker demo! Too bad we’re not getting the special Home beta that they’re getting in Japan, ah well. One can dream.