Burnout News

Lots of info on Burnout Paradise, you definitely want to check out the other side.

  • Hunter Olympus
  • Crash TV 6
  • Nakamura Rai-Jin Turbo RWD

Hunter Olympus is out for the PS3, grab it in an online game and rock on!

Get some fun info from the Criterion Team from Crash TV on iTunes. They talk about Cagney, news, and the winners of the Mugshot competition.

Also out there with Cagney is the Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo RWD, looks like a very sleak car and you need to hop online and check it out.

And last of all, the 360 version of Caney is still in the air,  they are in the testing phase and are AIMING for August 4th.


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