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Need a little help deciphering some of the cryptically described Trophies in Flower?

Hit the other side and maybe we can help.

Warning! If you have not completed the game you should really play through once on your own so that nothing is spoiled. If you click below you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

[LAST UPDATE: 10:35pm 2-15-09 – All Trophies are now listed with tips, with the exception of ‘Pure’, which requires you to reach the city without taking any damage. This takes place entirely during the fifth level, and is 50% skill, 50% luck. We haven’t found any way to ease your way through this one, and it appears to be the toughest Trophy in the game. About the only tip I can give you is to move slowly and carefully during the early stages of the level, and when the steel girders start collapsing… run like hell. Maybe memorize where the girders are falling would help.]



Reminisce for the three minutes before returning to the room.

Tip: Just as you complete the first level, when you enter the ‘vortex’ and bring the tree to life… SET YOUR CONTROLLER DOWN. The game will start a pseudo-cinematic, flying around the level to show you what has been rejuvenated. Let the game do this uninterrupted for 3 minutes.


Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors.

Tip: As you finish Level 2, when the vortex opens, BEFORE YOU END THE LEVEL, go to each of the other rock formations. Each one will turn your petals a different color, allowing you to ‘paint’ the grass as you travel. Choose each of the different colors, float around and paint a little bit. After the third color runs out, you’ll get the Trophy. You CAN start painting with colors before then, but when you open the last rock formation, it ALSO opens up the end level vortex. Any time your ‘lead’ petal is glowing brightly, you can paint.


Play the windmills and ride the wind seven times.

Also a level 3 trophy, once you get one windmill going just fly up into the wind blowing off it 7 times and you will get the trophy. You will know when you are riding the wind from the windmill when you get a good boost from it.


Light a darkened pool.

In the forth level when your pedal turns into a lighted petal head to the left from that position and fly around the pool and your trophy will pop soon.


Release all of the names to the sky.

After you have completed all six Flowers you will see a picture to the far right in the room. Play through that with out missing a flower and you will get this trophy.


Life could be simple…

On the third level, after you have turned on all the windmills, you open up a canyon. While in the canyon stay to the left and at some point you will be sucked into a cave. Once in the cave stay hard right and you will come up to the place that you get the trophy. If you don’t get it the first try don’t worry the cave spits you out at the opening to the canyon.

*Welcome Back

Play the game after a week long break.

Tip: To get this Trophy VERY quickly, go to your PS3 settings and change the date to more than a week later. Enter the game, you’ll get the Trophy. Simple and quick. Don’t forget to set your system date back to the correct day.

*Healthy Play

Take a ten minute break between any dreams.

Tip: Any time you are in your ‘room’, after completing the first level, SET YOUR CONTROLLER DOWN. Wait 10 minutes. Simple, no?


The dream has just started…

Tip: To unlock this Trophy, you must have bloomed all ‘secret’ flowers in the first level. Secret flowers unlock as you bloom other (common) flowers. Fly around the level blooming everything you see, including the little white flowers. Don’t end the level at the tree when the vortex appears. Keep flying around, opening EVERY flower you see. At various points, the camera will pull back and point you towards a new group of blueish/green flowers. Go bloom them. There are three groups of secret flowers in the first level, and the last one is only opened up when the LAST FLOWER ON THE LEVEL HAS BLOOMED. When you have all three groups of secret flowers, enter the vortex and finish the level. You’ll get the Trophy when you return to your room.


Find and bloom a secret flower

If you’re following the instructions for the ‘Beginning’ Trophy, you’ll automatically get this one the first time you open a secret flower. If you need an even bigger hint, at the end of the first level, near the end where the tree is on the hill… yeah… search behind the rocks that are strewn around the hill.



Bloom 10,ooo flowers.

Tip: This one is fairly straight forward. Playing the game all the way through twice is roughly the amount you’ll need, but if you just want to grind it out, the last level (just before you open the gate by crashing through) has the highest single density of flowers in the entire game. You could grab all those flowers, restart the level, grab them again… rinse and repeat.


Completely awaken the city.

When you reach the city, destroy every piece of debris, when you’ve done enough the buildings will turn white (or colors). I just went slow and made sure that everything was bright and sunny.



Beyond all flowers lies another room.

Tip: This Trophy is unlocked when you get all 3 secret flowers for all 6 levels. If you systematically bloom EVERY flower you find, this isn’t much of a problem. If you open the vortex at the end of a level, but haven’t yet found all 3 secret flowers, don’t enter the vortex… keep looking for any flowers you’ve missed. When you get enough regular flowers bloomed, the game will create the secret flowers and show you their location.


5 thoughts on “PS3 Trophy Tips – Flower

  1. Ugh, Pure is killer. I’ve been playing through that level 5 times now…

    It only gets incredibly tough at the end of that level (5: The purple flower).

    The very last part:
    First: Just zoom forward and get every bundle of pink flowers (for boost), then once that’s over, do not press any buttons. Let the ‘computer’ wind take you. Just dodge the pieces of metal that pop out. It’s easier than the first part.

    Now, the last part is a pain in the butt. It’s the same thing as the first part: Boost your way forward while getting the pink flowers. Seems like it’s impossible. I totally nail it every time. I get all the boosts. I aim straight for the flowers but I always get hit once.

  2. No offense, but you’ve got it all wrong friend. Pure is easy to get. Avoid getting any flowers you don’t have to. For the first and third sections of the final gauntlet at the end, the key is to completely avoid the pink boost flowers on the ground and take it high and very slow.if you’re up high, the debris just falls in front of and beneath you. Nothing will touch you if you just stay high and keep off the buttons. For the second part stay high and weave your way around as you already suggest. Flooring it with the boost flowers makes things to chaotic and random to control

    Slow and stead (and high) wins the race! 🙂

  3. Ok, I just got the dream trophy…..and does it do anything? The background of the main screen turned to a mountain scene…but is that it? Is there another”room”, or is it just a pretty background….if so, ill be ungodly pissed.

  4. just use the pink boosts for beginning & end stay high and dodge in the middle i got it on my second try

  5. Oh wow, I tried that and I did it! Thanks.

    It took me two tries, though, as it seemed as if the Sixaxis controls were all messed up. I could never maintain a constant altitude while moving moving forward (and no, I was not going too high at all). My ‘tail’ of flowers would suddenly descent to the ground (while my controller is slightly tilted up) and then it would shoot up again. That got VERY annoying during that last part of the level. I don’t know whether that happened because I was so light and slow or if suddenly my controller stopped functioning properly…

    Either way, I managed to get the trophy. Thanks again!

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