Zuma Review (PSN)

zuma_screenshot_320x320_01Back in the days before the PS3, I was addicted to 2 games on the 360: Zuma and Hexic. When I heard that Zuma was coming to the PSN, I was really excited to be able to play it again. So did it live up to its predecessor? Keep reading to find out what I thought of the game.

Zuma is all about clearing colored balls by shooting same-colored balls to make sets of 3 or more. The Playstation version offers two modes. The first is Adventure. Make your way through various levels on 13 stages. Each level you complete in Adventure unlocks new levels for the second mode. In Gauntlet, work through 7 stages of 4 different difficulties: Rabbit, Eagle, Jaguar, and Son of Sun. You can work through these in either practice mode or survival mode. Practice mode is similar to Adventure. Survival on the oher hand, is a continuous onslaught of balls that increase in speed as you go through the levels.

This game is just as addictive as it was on other platforms. I love it, and I’m happy to have it. If you’re a fan of Zuma, you’ll enjoy it on the PS3. If you haven’t played it before, but are a fan of puzzle games, check this out. You’ll probably like it. Don’t like puzzle games? Didn’t like Zuma before? Then you’ll be better off skipping this game.

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