Intro For The Newbs :)

So I am finding all kinds of fun stuff, for the new people here is some info for you.  This place is fun.

  • You can look for stuff for that day only using the calendar
  • You can look at posts according to categories
  • And there is a search area.

And I can even use bullet points.  In last words I hope I don’t drive you all to nuts.


0 thoughts on “Intro For The Newbs :)

  1. Is there a RSS feed for the news site? I’m not seeing a direct link if there is one, or do we just type in to get it to function? Anyway, good concept, I’ve been waiting to play with my WordPress account for a while now.

  2. On the left hand side, under the ‘Syndicate’ heading. There’s links to subscribe to Entries (the articles), or for Comments (by user).