Game Review: Flock

flockCute little sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens everywhere.  You must collect them for the Motherflocker.  How did I take this game? Check the other side for that info.

Flock is a Download able game from the PSN or Xbox Live. Since the demo from Qore I have been looking forward to the full game coming out.

There are a LOT of levels to play through, single and multiplayer, including a mass of user created content.

As you start out Flock you play very easy levels getting you used to the controls and how the game works.  As you move through levels you unlock items for the editor, different ability’s for your UFO, and more and more levels.  Also as you move through levels they get VERY difficult.  So hard that at the point in writing this review I haven’t yet finished the game.

The multiplayer is very interesting.  The three modes are as follows.

Play through a campaign style set of levels with another player
Twin Beams
Play through the user or campaign levels as the same style of UFO
Split Beams
Play through the user or co-op levels with players only having the use of one of the two beams

All the multiplayer is the two UFO’s on one screen, there is no split screen from what I could find.  Also flying around bumping into each other is very interesting and can make this complicated.  Knowing that I am glad it is local multiplayer only there is no online aspect to the multiplayer besides downloading new levels from other players.  Playing online with someone that doesn’t have a headset would be devastating in this game.

Back to the single player experience, each level has a timer and animal quota.

Get your animal quota in the fastest time
Get your animal quota in a standard time
Get your animal quota in a slow time

FAlso each level has Perfect Abduction, and you get that by getting all the animals possible in the level to the Motherflocker.
Sometimes because of the level this can be much harder than it sounds.

In the end I have to say grab the demo and give it a try before you spend the money on the full game

For the trophy people out there: Trophy list

For the achievement people: Achievement list