E-mail Text/Picture Messages Made Easy… Sorta…

The other day, I had a friend ask me how to send a picture to his phone from his computer without a USB cable. 

I figured if my buddy who’s in IT didn’t know how to do this, there must be others that had this question, too!  Read on for a quick “How To” and specific US carrier info…

By simply sending an email to 0123456789@txt.att.net for example, you can send text messages (or 0123456789@mms.att.net for picture messages) to cell phones via email. This simple technology can also be applied to your DIY projects.

For example, if you were creating a DIY security system, you could use your computer’s parallel port to automatically text you if your alarm goes off.

This list of the major US Wireless carriers has been compiled from several sites.  I don’t have friends on each of these networks, but I have verified several of them to double check.  The carriers that only have one address are for MMS, but I’m only assuming this…  So, please verify these for yourself before relying on them!!!


Alltel Wireless


AT&T Wireless

(SMS) number@txt.att.net
(MMS) number@mms.att.net 

Boost Mobile



(SMS) number@sms.mycricket.com
(MMS) number@mms.mycricket.com 

Sprint (PCS)

(SMS) number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
(MMS) number@pm.sprint.com 

Sprint (Nextel)
(SMS) number@page.nextel.com
(MMS) number@messaging.nextel.com 


US Cellular

(SMS) number@email.uscc.net
(MMS) number@mms.uscc.net 

Verizon Wireless

(SMS) number@vtext.com
(MMS) number@vzwpix.com 

Virgin Mobile (USA)



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  1. There are also a couple of websites where you can upload files and then hit them from the phone. This works if you have any type of internet access

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