Add-On Review: Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island

Big Surf IslandCriterion has launched Big Surf Island. Is is worth the $12.99?

Check the other side to find out

Big Surf Island is about the size of  downtown Paradise and comes with 9 new cars you need to unlock, 15 new events, 10 new online challenges, and tons of billboards, mega jumps,  and smashes to find.

First thing I did on the island was grab the Dust Storm car that they give you off the bat and start looking for smashes and billboards.  Just like in Paradise the billboards are easy to see and find, but takes a bit of hunting for some of them to find the way to hit them.

The smashes are all over and you will go insane trying to find your last one like me, but it doesn’t take that long.

When you hit the super jumps in Paradise, if you are like me you said “OMG thats crazy”.  The Mega jumps on the island make the super jumps look like a skate board ramp.  I went off the first one I found and I went into my scared of heights mode and it freaked me out.  I got over it after that, but that gives you a idea of their scale.

The 15 new events are a burning route for the Dust Storm, race, stunt run, marked man, road rage, and the new island tour.  Most everything is in the format that some of the bike races were, and that is checkpoint style.  Even the marked man and races are checkpoint style.

One great thing that Criterion did is you can bring any car from Paradise on to the island, and you can use the Island cars in Paradise.  This also applies to the bikes.

Another thing that is in the update is new road rules for the cars and bikes.  These are just like the old school ones, so go to town and have fun.

If you don’t have Burnout,  pick one below and you can pick it up, then get online on your system and grab the island pack it is TOTALLY worth it.

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