Game Review: [Prototype]

PROTOTYPE_GFW_Packfront_CLTwo weeks after inFAMOUS hits another sandbox game hits the shelves.  Does it stack up against inFAMOUS?  Find out on the other side.

[Prototype] is in a way just like every other sandbox game. You run around beating on things and do missions.
One difference is that there are no side missions. The only missions you can do are for the main story line.
But there is plenty of things to do that are not the story line stuff.

In this game the basic story is that the city is being taken over by a virus that turning everyone into zombies.  So you can run around destroying the hives that the virus is creating, or go and infiltrate military bases.

There are two ways to play this game as a rule, but you don’t have to worry about messing up being good or bad if you change your mind.  You can run around destroying everything and one you see, or there is a stealth style to the game.  I was very partial to the stealth aspect because I was going for the no deaths trophy.

The graphics work very well for this game, you can see most the city from the top of a building but not all of it. This gives you a real sense of the size of the city.
1329_360_042309002_0043_ra copy

In the ability’s section of this game there are TONS of moves to learn and use in the game.  There are so many that I never learned ho to pull them all off, but I did by them all.  So saying that, this game is very in depth in the attacks side.  make sure you keep up with what you can learn and keep doing the events to get the experience points to spend on what you have available.  Some of the moves you learn from consuming specific military units, so keep a eye out for those in the bases when you are running around in those.

From some ability’s you gain the a very fun ability in this game and what I think sets the game apart from the other sandbox games of this type. That ability is the knowledge to be able to fly a helicopter. The fact that you can get into or hijack a helicopter or any other military vehicle really sets this game apart from inFAMOUS or Crackdown. Also with the trophy’s that require a vehicle make them just that much more fun to mess around with.
1329_360_042309002_0041_ra copy

PTMy final thought on this game is the end game, I won’t ruin it to much, but there is plenty to do once the game is over. So I say BUY IT and have a blast.

[Prototype] PS3, 360, PC
[Prototype]: Prima Official Game Guide