Game Review: Red Faction – Guerrilla (360, PS3)

RFGThe third installment of the popular FPS series has been released and it’s not a FPS this time around. Does the formula change work? Find out on the other side…


I love blowing things up and mass destruction in general, especially without the real world consequences (you get to keep all of your fingers that way). That is pretty much what you get in Red Faction Guerrilla. The series takes a departure from the FPS genre and makes the change to third person.

Like other sandbox style games, you have the freedom to roam around and do what you like in the world. You can engage in any of the of missions (side or main) you like or simple fly through the main story missions and finish the game as fast as possible.

The main difference being that just about everything on the surface of the planet is able to be destroyed. When I mean destroyed, I really mean obliterated in pretty realistic fashion.  Unlike most other games of it’s type it is in a Sci-Fi  environment and this allows for some pretty cool weapons at your disposal.  With all the weapons that are available, my two favorite would be the two your pretty much get right at the start: the sledge hammer and  remote charges. I love to smash things manually or strategically place charges and try to destroy something with as few charges as possible. One must be careful though, many times I have brought down a structure and ended up dead because parts of it fell on my while I was watching the havoc I caused or collecting scrap.

One of the rewards for destroying building ,vehicles or pretty much anything is scrap. You collect scrap and turn it in to receive new weapons or upgrades for existing equipment. The other reason to blow things up is that it makes the dominating Earth Defense Force (EDF) angry and loosens their grip on the the area and builds moral so you can move on to the next zone.

 In case your wondering, there is a story included with the price of admission. The EDF is an oppressive force in control of Mars and unfairly forced it’s inhabitants into labor for resources because Earth has pretty much ran out of her own.  They are violent and oppressive and deserve the beatings they will receive with  my sledgehammer…. Umm.. yeah. So that is the story in a nut shell.

While destroying stuff is fun and the combat is pretty entertaining, the missions can be a bit monotonous and after a while become a bit old.  The story takes place on Mars and so the blandness of it should come as no surprise, though I do wish that the building designs were a bit better but they usually don’t last and end up as a pile of rubble anyway.

Multiplayer has all the standard modes with all the destruction of the environment from the single player experience and with the addition of backpacks that give you additional power-ups like jump jets, increased damage or healing. This adds a new twist on old game play that is addicting and fun.

Overall I enjoyed this title and continue to enjoy the online experience. If you dont like  sandbox titles and needs complete structure to your gameplay they you probably want to avoid this title . Otherwise, if your interested in the story or just want to let of some steam, I would  give this title a BUY IT rating.

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