Age Of Conan E3 Update

Eidos didn’t show or talk about anything for AOC at E3 this year, but there were some people from Funcom and Eidos there to talk about it. Carolyn Koh at MMORPG did a good interview, but here is the short version. It looks like they have patches ready to go, a holiday version, and they are happy with how the servers are performing. There is much more, check out the article for everything.


0 thoughts on “Age Of Conan E3 Update

  1. AoC is doing good. They just have to make up for a bit of a sexist code error where the female characters wouldn’t do as much damage as the male characters due to an animation glitch.

    Other than that, I’ve been enjoying AoC. Intuitive combat system, love the fact that you can actually hold off hoards of enemies by filtering them through a door one at a time, definitely feels like you’re in a scene from 300 at that rate. Fun game for anyone considering.