Game Review: Singstar Queen (PS3)

Singstar Queen

After years of waiting, I’ve finally been allowed the luxury of unleashing my inner Freddie Mercury.

As bizarre as that may sound, it can be a good thing… or very bad.

Although Singstar Queen is a standalone game, it uses the same interface and engine as previous PS3 Singstar titles.

If you have one of the earlier iterations, this means that SSQ is little more than a retail disk of downloadable tracks. If you haven’t tried Sony’s peculiar brand of karaoke and community… you should.

Singstar is one of my favorite group activities, great for drunken karaoke parties as well as family gatherings.

The game is easy to explain: watch a video of the song you’re performing, sing along, match the pitch and lyrics using the easy on screen prompts, and most importantly HAVE FUN.

With a Playstation Eye, you can record and upload videos of your performances and have them rated by the SS community.

Tired of singing? You can always take a tour of other people’s uploaded clips. Some are outrageously funny, others are proof that there are some great vocalists hiding in dark living rooms around the world, and some are just… bad… in an entertaining way.


The community features are almost worth the price of admission alone… and that price is a very reasonable $40.

While that’s an overview of pretty much ALL the Singstar titles on PS3, the Queen disk is chock full of some great music, and all the familiar hits are available.

A word of warning though, Freddie Mercury was an amazing talent, and it shows in SSQ. These tracks are noticeably more difficult than previous packs, but even with a steeper learning curve, it’s a lot of fun.

One point of irritation is the implementation of Trophies. There are no game specific Trophies for SSQ, it shares the same list and requirements as all the other Singstar games. This means if you already have a Trophy in a previous game, you won’t be able to unlock the Trophy again in SS Queen. It’s a small gripe, but one you should be aware of.

If you’re a Queen fan, a diehard Singstar junkie, or both… you need to pick this game up.

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