BOMB Makes Some Changes…

Today has been a little surreal.

Consider it the end of one era, and the beginning of the next for Bag Of Mad Bastards.

For more information on the changes coming to our podcast lineup, jump inside.

To make this a little easier to read, and to see how it all plays out, I’ll cover how each of our shows are impacted, then follow up with new programs that we will be launching soon.

B!tch Sl@p

Our longest running podcast, and the most popular audio program we offer… is no more. Episode 136 will be the final show.

There’s a lot more we wanted to do with the show, but not being able to nail down a consistent schedule made it difficult to continue as we were, and IMPOSSIBLE to take the show where we wanted it to go.

Just to head off any rumors or questions before they happen: nobody is angry at anyone else (that I know of), and we’re all still friends.

It was just a timing thing.

Enjoy the episodes that are currently available, we’ll leave them up for a while. We’ll slowly take them down, a few at a time, to make room on the server. Essentially, get them while you can. At some point ALL 136 episodes will be made available in some form.

Boss Slayers

Boss Slayers will be taking a hiatus, but will be back… with a format change. There are plenty of WoW related podcasts out there, and we don’t intend to add to the noise. We WILL be doing something new with the program… Josh assures me it will be HoT.

Drunken Monkey Tech

Surprise! We ain’t doing a damn thing to DMT. Okay… with the changes to other shows, we’ll be able to deliver episodes in a more timely manner. That’s a good thing, right?

Drunken Monkey Tech Video

DMTV is getting a relaunch, a new visual style, and episodes will be a lot more frequent. Rejoice.

Five Minutes Alone

Let’s face it: this podcast didn’t really have an audience, and it was a pain in the arse to produce. The technology will wind up somewhere else (can’t say yet), but the show is dead in the water.

Saving Throw

A success story as of late, ST will continue on. We are shifting our recording schedule, so episodes may be a little sparse for the next couple of weeks, but rest assured, we’re leaving this one alone.

Trophy Hunters

Look for a shorter format, more frequent episodes, and more focus on individual games.

Zero Lag

ZL will be taking a short hiatus while we work some things out. Not a lot I can say at the moment, but the show will return with more focus on a particular MMORPG.

So… what are we going to do with all the time we’re freeing up? I guess we should announce some new shows that are headed to BOMB.

The Podium

A sketch comedy video podcast… shot entirely on green screen. If you liked the humor on Slap, you’ll like this.

Unnamed Audio Podcast

Yeah… we haven’t figured out a name for it yet. I’ll be hosting (this is Matt) and it will be heavily focused on audience participation, guests, and every episode will be broadcast live… with the ability for the audience to call in. Topics: debunking paranormal claims, exposing charlatans and con artists, finding the truth about social myths.

Help us figure out a name, maybe we’ll send you a t-shirt.

There’s more to come, but that’s about all I can talk about right now.

Hope that answers everyone’s questions, but if not… send me an email.


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