Game Review: Overlord II (PS3/Xbox 360)

overlord2_ps3_coverThe game has been out for a couple months now, but I’m just now getting a chance to review it. If you wanna know what I thought, check out the other side.

I first came across this game at E3 where I got a limited look while Josh played the demo for about 5 minutes. That was enough to catch his interest. A couple weeks after the game came out, we went to pick it up and I got my first real look at the game. You start the game as a young “witch-boy” in the town of Nordburg. A handful of brown minions find you and declare you a suitable replacement for their overlord. After causing mayhem around Nordburg, you follow the minions to the minion burrows before a quick cut to an older you. After doing some running around and learning the ropes of overlording, you find out the empire is working on eliminating all magical creatures (both good and evil alike). After fighting with the elves for a while, you eventually team up with them and work together to fight the empire. That is until you turn Queen Fay evil. Then the elves don’t like you again.

While there are some minor glitches and other issues with the gameplay, Overlord II is actually a lot of fun. The minions add a lot of humor as they pick up treasure “For the Overlord,” enjoy all the things you tell them to pick up, and tell their mounts “You be my friend.” If you’re looking for a good single player game to pick up, go buy a copy of Overlord II. It’s fun and not too difficult. If you’re looking for a multiplayer game, this is not a game for you. The game features different online multiplayer games, but they really aren’t that fun. If you’re playing the game for the trophies, I’d suggest renting a second copy for a friend to help you with the online trophies.

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  1. Yes the game is pretty much identical on the xbox. In fact, I used xbox walkthroughs when I couldn’t find a certain object or figure out how to get past something. Enjoy!

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