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Mini Ninjas presented to us by Io Interactive, and Warner Brothers.  The game is available for the PS3, Wii, and Nintendo DS.  It has an “E” rating and a wide range of weapons?  Confused yet? I was.

Is it a questing game, is it a hack and slash, is it for adults or is it a kid’s game?  I’ll tell you what I found and how I felt about it on the other side…

You are Hiro, the littlest most unprepared ninja and you are being sent on a quest to rescue five other ninjas.  All of these other ninjas managed to get themselves caught by the Evil samurai Warlords samurai minions.  As you move through the game and find these ninja you make them playable giving you more options for weapons and fighting moves.

This is a hack and slash style game without the blood guts and gore.  The Evil samurai Warlord bent on world domination,  has been turning cute cuddly creatures into his samurai warrior army.  There are kittens, bunnies, foxes, bears, boars, pandas, and well you get the picture, there are a lot of different creatures.

Whenever you defeat one of these evil samurai they don’t splash blood and guts all over or cough and sputter, they turn back into the creature that they were before they were turned into the bag guys thus “restoring balance to the world”.

Like any other quest game you find things along the way and you learn different skills along the way.  As your abilities increase the game gets a little harder and there is a new big bad to fight at the end of each area.   You learn spells and recipes to make health potions and the like. You level up your attributes as you use them.

They have created a beautiful environment that is very easy to understand.  The controls work well, the camera works well, and the game never really gives you the opportunity to get really frustrated with it.  The big boss fights are all button prompted so it’s a matter of Simon says to win. If you ever need help finding your way you can meditate and be shown the right way to go.

If you are a serious ADULT gamer…this probably isn’t for you.  If you are an unashamed trophy whore it might be for you. It won’t be the easiest set of trophies you have hunted but it’s not rocket science.  If you are buying this for the child in your life then this is a WINNER!  I have to tell you that during the first level of the game I really thought that this was going to bore me stupid, but I actually found myself enjoying the experience.

The game is really your basic hunt and seek fighting game.  The story is simple and easy to understand.  This is a mother’s dream when it comes to game content, except maybe the Boss that attacks you by using a giant fan to waft you with his farts… but your eight year old with roll around with hilarity after fighting him for a few minutes.  My son and I laughed hard because he would have loved this game when he was eight or ten years old.

You can purchase the game here…
Mini Ninjas for PS3
Mini Ninjas Wii
Mini Ninjas DS


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