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Are you feeling that there just isn’t enough gratuitous blood and violence your life this Halloween season?  Then this just might be the game for you.

fairytaleboxDoes the fact that the names Ron Jeremy, Krissy Lynn, and Andy San Dimas have been linked to the game make you want to check this game out?  Then shame on you.  Click here anyway to find out what I thought of this game…

This is a side scrolling game with 3D elements introduced in the form of fighting areas along the trail.  Hack and Slash for sure.  A little more side scrolling than I expected and a lot less of the 3 dimensional element I was expecting, but it works well for this game.

You get to choose from one of four fairy tale persona for your character, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Beanstalk Jack, and the Naked Emperor.  Can you guess which one Ron plays?  I knew you could.  Don’t worry I doubt the subtle innuendo in this game was  enough to get them the “M” rating it received.  It was definitely the gallons upon gallons of bright red splattering everywhere that got them the rating.

The controls are simple and easy to get used to.  The coolest feature here is of course the ability to control the weapon strike with the right stick.  This allows you to slice and dice your enemies in any direction you wish.  It is in fact encouraged.  You will see a large view scroll of your coolest kills as they pop up on the side and give you a slow motion real-time replay.  You do have the ability to turn this off if you don’t like it.  I turned it up all the way.

There are three types of weapons in the game sharp ones, blunt ones, and projectiles.  There is a fantastic array of thing with which you can kill…well really anything that moves including other players.  If it looks like you might be able to kill it you probably can. I still can’t decide if my favorite weapon is the thermometer, the jawbreaker gun, or the giant scissors. It was pretty fun to beat the crap out of a bad guy with a bunny rabbit as well. The creatures you wield fall under blunt weapons.

There really doesn’t seem to be a real story behind this game, you spend the first half of the game tracking a giant porrage pot, then all of the sudden you are rescuing princesses. Then again who really needs a fantastic story when you can hack someone up with any number of weapons, I am using the term weapons loosely, and then get really creative and skate through their blood to gain the advantage against the next guy.

The boss characters in this game are persistance fighting at it’s best.  There isn’t a health meter to watch on the bad guy, you just figure out the patterns they are attacking you with and never give up.  The important part is that each of the bad guys attacks you in a different manner so you don’t feel like your doing the same thing over and over again.

There were a few instances during the game where it is confusing and a little frustrating.  They don’t give you really any information going into the area and by the time you figure out what’s going on you have died a few times.  The spawn is easy though, as long as you have been collecting treasure you can come back and keep trying til you get it.  Collecting the treasure can be difficult when sliding around in the blood so again master the fluid dynamics of the blood.

The scenery is really stunning.  A running theme of books surrounds you as you climb mountains of books and bits of paper fall from the sky. It is bright and colorful making you feel as though your playing a children’s fairy tale. It is sometimes a little too bright for my tastes.  I have been spoiled by the ability to control camera view in 3D gaming so I was a little frustrated with the inability to look around at will.  There are a few places that you end up playing blind because of this, but the trade for the arm control is worth it.

Playlogic has also anounced free downloadable content for the first 90 days after launch.  This is suppose to include three new playable characters and more arena venue.  If you have already purchased the game you can click here to register for the free DLC. It is really quite painless to register.

There is never a lack of weapons to discover, or treasure to collect, or bad guys to kill.  I really am enjoying the game.  If you like a little mindless running amuck and collecting treasure you will probably have a good time with this too.  If your not sure you should rent it and play it first.

LEE gives this a solid rent it.

If you have to play it now like I did then you can get your copy here.    Fairytale Fights PS3 Fairytale Fights XBox


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