Game Review: PixelJunk Shooter


I have been looking forward to this game since E3 when I saw the video at the Sony booth. Well yesterday it finally hit.
This PixelJunk game feels like a mix between Eden and some random shooter game.

It is not a massive time investment because the levels aren’t super long so you can work at this game a little at a time. Graphics are in PixelJunk style, not to in-depth but they work for what you are doing.
Basic premise of the game is that something has gone wrong with a mining colony out in space and you need to go into the mine and save the workers. There are some puzzle elements but nothing that is going to make your brain hurt. There are three different areas for now that contain 5 levels each. Also there are extras in each level for getting all the treasures, workers, and unique workers.
The controls work well and are very simple, left stick moves you, right stick aims you, L1 or L2 is the grappling hook, R1 or R2 is shoot. The only other thing you can do is spin the right stick around and it will spin your ship and pull in coins around you.

Another nice addition to this game is remote play capable, and the remote play controls for the PSP look like they will work well.

For the $9.99 price tag I think it is a definite BUY IT!