PS3 Trophy List: PixelJunk Shooter

pixeljunk-shooterThere are 13 trophies in this PSN title.  10 Bronze, 2 Silve, and 1 Gold.  None of them are hidden.


Treasure Hunter 1
Get all the treasure from Episode 1.

Art Collector
Collect each and every special survivor to fill your gallery.

No Stone Unturned
Discover all secret areas in the game.

Coin Collector
Pick up 100 coins in one spin.

Sharp Shooter
Build a combo of 16 or over.

Cave Cleaner
Kill over 100 enemies.

Cave Cleaner Pro
Kill over 500 enemies.

Cave Cleaner Supreme
Kill over 1000 enemies.

Liquid Love
Kill over 100 enemies using fluids rather than weapons.

Don’t Touch Me
Clear a Stage without touching any walls.


Treasure Hunter 2
Get all the treasure from Episode 2.

A True Hero (Episode 1, 2, 3)
Safely rescue all normal survivors.


Treasure Hunter 3
Get all the treasure from Episode 3.