Game Review: Avatar: The Game

screenavatarSince E3 I was very jaded about playing this game. But someones got to review it right.

There are not a lot I can say bad about this game. The controls are terrible, voice acting gets repetitive, and replay value is completely not there. On the good side the graphics are good, game play is good, story is good.

For this game you get to step into Pandora as a new grunt for the RDA. You do a tutorial on how the RDA works then get into your avatar and do a tutorial on how they work. Then it is time to choose your side, RDA or Navi. One really nice thing about this game is that at this point the game makes two save files for you. The one you are playing on will just continue to save, the second is at the point right before you choose so you don’t have to go through everything again to go with the other side.

This game has a RPG element where you gain XP as you go and level up. You don’t get to assign points anywhere but your skills level up as you do. So it is not a hardcore RPG game but the elements are there. Also as you level your armor and weapons level up, you can go in and choose a lower set of armor or weapons if you want but the game will auto equip the higher stuff when you get it.

The RDA is what I went with first. I would have to say if you are going to play this one go with the Navi first. The RDA campaign is a very fast paced run and gun. You really don’t have a aim (zoom in) like most games, you get your reticule and when you see a yellow diamond pop up in that reticule pull the trigger and you will hit them. The game does do the aiming for you but if you want to make it a little more precise just aim a little higher and the diamond will pop up on the head. Or if you want to just hurt them you can aim for the arms, body, or legs but this will not make them drop a weapon just will take more shots to take them out so go strait for the head if you can.

On the RDA side you get to choose from a variety of weapons so all your attacks are on a long range scale. Also on the RDA all the animals and plants in the world are destroyable and most of the plants will attack you. So getting the challenges done on the RDA is much easier.
With the Navi you are native to the planet so the plants don’t attack you, and if you do kill them they do not give XP. Most of the animals are on your side, unless you hit them in a battle with the RDA then they will try to hurt you. The aiming system is the same for the Navi but you only have two ranged weapons to choose from, the rest are all melee weapons. There are good and bad points to this. The ranged weapons for the Navi have a longer range than the RDA and most the time won’t even see you before you get a shot off. With the melee weapons you do much more damage and can take out a RDA in one hit but you have to be in the middle of the fight and will take a lot of damage if there is a lot of RDA in the area.ars

The Navi campaign is much more slow paced, at least it was for me. I was going slow and taking shots with my bow more than just running in and doing melee at first. Once you level up you Navi you can take a lot more damage and get in to melee more.

So in the end you get a good game with a good story, two good and different stories actually, with no replay value unless you like the multiplayer. I have to say a strong go out and RENT IT, and if you like the multiplayer then BUY IT. And if you wana just pick this one up, well go ahead.

Joshua Shelton is a co-founder and Senior Editor for Bag Of Mad Bastards. He enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, and going for that next platinum trophy.