Product Review: V-Screen

The V-Screen is a hybrid carrying case and visual enhancement.  There are opening for all the input areas like headphones and power ports.  Unfortunately, you will have to pull the system out to do anything with the memory card and to swap out UMDs.

This peripheral is made for older models of PSP (1000, 2000, and 3000) so unless you have a Go!, it will work great.  The V-Screen includes a screen cleaning cloth and a foam insert that fills the extra space if you’re using a Slim model.

V-Screen hi rez

Some of the corners can jab you a little, but I didn’t notice anything that was causing problems playing games.  Another annoyance is the size. The V-Screen adds some bulk to your portable gaming system. If you didn’t like ‘The Duke’ controller from the original Xbox, then you might not like this.V-Screen Back

The visual enhancement/3D maker is awesome, and makes it all worth it.  Many times when I have used a magnifier, it blows out the picture and causes issues with the visual quality.  The V-Screen does not do that. The picture stays clear and smoothly scales your viewing area.  The 3D aspect is very cool,  but you do have to hold it a little closer to your face to see the whole screen.  Rock Band Unplugged in 3D was awesome, but a little hard to play the fast paced button masher in the case because it moved around a bit.

If you are looking for visual enhancement, I would say this is what you want to go with.  You get a case, and it makes the PSP 3D. How can you go wrong?


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