Product Review: Hyperkin Wii Sound Plus


Since the launch of the Wii, there have been many assorted sports peripherals released to enhance your experience when playing.

I always wondered if these really enhanced the title, or if they were merely a gimmick and just further cluttering up my gaming area with more plastic or foam items that I would most likely never use.

When I received the Wii Sound Plus kit for review, I was pleasantly surprised that they were not overly large and could easily be disassembled at the handle to make storing them easier.  A common problem that I see with most peripherals of this type is that they are either too flimsy or too rigid and it will either break. Or you end up with someone getting injured.

The Wii Sound Plus peripherals were just the right balance of soft and durable. I even allowed for my girlfriend to smack me around a bit with one, not only did it not break but it didn’t leave a mark or hurt.

This is definitely a bonus when you have a five year old and two year old running around.

The feature that separates the Wii Sound Plus from other peripherals is the “Built-in Sound Device”. This feature is designed so that when you swing the tennis racket or baseball bat, a device inside it slides and you hear the sound of hitting something as well as a little bit of feeling that something is being hit.

Overall, a very simple design but works quite well and adds a bit more immersion to a game. If you have a motion plus sensor attached to your controller, there is no need to remove it as it will fit into either of the kits.


There is only one item to keep in mind and is not a design flaw or problem. If you happen to have your sensor bar placement above your TV, you will need to move it’s placement to the bottom as the racket or bat will obstruct the beam when trying to navigate menus.

Not a huge deal as most people have their bar placement already at the bottom.

If you’re in the market to pick up a Sport accessory pack for your Wii, at a MSRP of $19.99 I would recommend checking these out.

Buy Wii Tennis Kit with Sound Plus – White, Pink, Blue
Buy Wii Baseball Kit with Sound Plus – White, Pink and Blue