Game Review – Dante’s Inferno


After all the surrounding controversy, bad press, and crazy marketing, Dante’s Inferno finally hit store shelves. I would like to skip over all the aforementioned circumstances and focus on the game and game alone.

Dante’s Inferno is a third-person action title with puzzle elements and quick time events. Based upon Dante Aligheri’s The Divine Comedy, the game takes place in the nine circles of Hell as Dante fights his way to his lover Beatrice in hopes to save her soul from Lucifer. Along the way, you are assisted and given explanations of the circles from Virgil the poet.

Early in the game, you encounter Death and ultimately defeat him as take his scythe. As you level it up with the souls of vanquished enemies, Death’s scythe becomes a versatile weapon allowing you to lay waste to the many enemies of Hell with heavy and light attacks. The second weapon that you receive in the game is Beatrice’s cross. This is more of a distance weapon that pushes enemies back and gives you breathing room when needed. It also can be powered up with souls and new combos/attacks can be unlocked.

When weakening a foe enough, you can initiate a quick time event that gives you the choice to punish or absolve them. Based upon what you choose, you receive either unholy or holy experience. As you gain experience, you level your weapon, so unholy experience levels up and unlocks scythe skills/combos that you can purchase with souls and holy experience unlocks cross skills/combos for purchase. Also along the way, you will meet damned souls in which you can also punish or absolve, the main difference in this is if you absolve them, you are give a little mini game that you play and the better you do, the more experience and souls you receive.

You will also receive magic abilities from boss fights and these further add to the variety of attacks that you can unleash.Scattered throughout the game are holy and unholy relics that you can equip to further enhance your abilities. These come in handy, especially if your focusing on achievements/trophies or just trying to maximize your holy/unholy level.


There are points in the game that you will actually take control of a large beast by dismounting it’s rider and impaling the scythe directly into it’s head. This can be pretty fun, eating enemies and breathing fire on them but also introduces perhaps the only thing that I didn’t really care for in the game. Wall climbing… I hate wall climbing, doing it as Dante is one thing and it works decent enough but for some reason, doing it while controlling the beast is awkward feeling to say the least.

I think that Visceral did a wonderful job with this title and if you are a fan of this genre, you definitely should check it out. It is a visual treat and with the first DLC expansion released and another one in April, there is plenty of gameplay to be had.

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