Game Review: Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

All the Star Wars fans out there have been waiting and waiting for this one to hit. Well it is finally here and from what game play I have seen and from what they did with the first one I was excited about this one.

If you are looking for the trophy list look no further.

Right from the first cinematic this game is beautiful.  The graphics during game play are not as great as the cinematics but that's OK, you should be to busy using your force powers to destroy everything in site.

The game mechanics work just like the first one so if you did play the first one you can jump right into this one comfortably. Because you died in the first game and you shouldn't be alive the you don't remember everything so that's how they get away with taking away your force powers. You do have flashes of memories and slowly regain them back though.

In the sound and music department you really can't go wrong here since they have the ability to use the Star Wars archives. So you can be ready for all the usual music and sound effects.

To not give away any of the story line, it is awesome. There are a lot of Star Wars fans out there saying that Force Unleashed is messing up the whole back bone of what the Star Wars universe is. I have to say no its not, everything takes place right before the original trilogy and from what i have seen so far doesn't mess up a thing.

Now for the bottom line, this game is 100% a rental. The game only took me just over four hours to beat and see both endings. Unfortunately the only replay ability is if you are going for trophies or achievements. If you still want to pick it up to complete your collection or want the trophies then by all means do so.



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