Game Of The Year Awards 2010

Over the last month we've spent a lot of time catching up on titles we missed, taking notes, and debating the virtues of our favorite titles.

It all culminates in our annual list of worthy titles.

Just to be completely clear, at Bag Of Mad Bastards we are largely self-funded and rarely recieve free review copies of a game. There are also thousands of titles released each year, and we can't afford to get our grubby mits on every one.

I'm mentioning this to head off any emails asking why a particular favorite of yours wasn't included, or maybe it wasn't even considered.

Quite frankly, we couldn't possibly play every title this year and to be fair, we culled our winners from what we actually got to play.

If you're interested on how we came to these conclusions, you should go listen to the GOTY episode of our gaming podcast 'Drunken Monkey Tech'. If that doesn't clear it up, feel free to send me an email.

With that in mind, here's the rundown.

Portable Game Of The Year

Angry Birds – Available on a variety of platforms this game was addicting, beautiful in it's simplicity, and was the single largest destroyer of productivity among several members of the B.O.M.B. Crew. Crossing demographic groups this game was ubiquitous. You've heard of it, probably played it, and you may even be looking for a 12 step program to kick the habit.

Honorable Mention: Cut The Rope, God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Downloadable Console Game Of The Year

 Limbo – This XBox 360 exclusive was enthralling, compelling, and stylish. Some of the best gaming moments of the year came from this game.

Honorable Mention: Deathspank

XBox 360 Game Of The Year

Halo Reach – Adding a generous helping of replayability and user generated content with the updated Forge system, wildly popular multi-player, and expanding on the ever popular Halo canon, Reach made more than a few XBox fans happy this year.

Honorable Mention: Limbo, Mass Effect 2

Wii Game Of The Year

Donkey Kong Country Returns – It's about time we came back to this series on a full-sized screen. Thank you very much Nintendo.

Honorable Mention: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Epic Mickey

Playstation 3 Game Of The Year

Gran Turismo 5 – Although it wasn't perfect, and took a long time getting here, GT5 did so many things right it was hard to ignore. Visually stunning, infinitely replayable, and polished beyond belief, we're going to be playing this game for a long time to come.

Honorable Mention: Heavy Rain, God of War III

Multi-Platform Game Of The Year

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood – Building on the narrative of what was an already stellar single player experience in Assassin't Creed II and adding multiplayer that feels fresh, the series turns a corner this year and claims the top spot for games available on multiple systems.

Honorable Mention: Enslaved: Odyssey To The West, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

201o Game Of The Year

Gran Turismo 5 – It takes a lot to top the list of ALL titles in any given year, but facing some stiff competition, GT5 pulled it off. Accessible to any player, online integration, visuals to die for, and most importantly longevity, we couldn't think of a more fitting game to walk away with this award. Something tells me we'll still be playing it this time next year.



1 thought on “Game Of The Year Awards 2010

  1. I would have picked Heavy Rain for PS3 GOTY simply on its innovative gameplay aspects and deep story. That being said, I haven’t played GT5 so I can’t knock it.

    Totally agree with Angry Birds! I have to assume that you guys didn’t play RDR, that has to be the only logical explaination for its exlcusion, you’ve gotta get on that one!

    Also, happy to see Enslaved listed up there. It was a sleeper hit imo

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