Game Review: Infinity Blade (iOS)

When Infinity Blade was announced for iOS devices, it finally brought what many people (including myself) consider to be one of the greatest game engines to the mobile market. The Epic Citadel  demo was released and we were given a hands on with how the engine ran and if the visuals were what we hoped to be. It did not disappoint.

Infinity Blade is a action RPG in which the player battles his way through a castle to defeat the God King. The game itself is short  from the first fight to the final fight with the God King but you won't defeat him. He will kill you and you will then take on the role of one of your descendants and repeat the process with each play through the enemies getting stronger and stronger until you ultimately defeat the God King.

If you think that  it sounds repetitive, it is. You keep telling yourself that it is and yet you keep playing and playing and playing. Leveling your character and acquiring skill points that you apply to attributes,weapons and items. You also find money and purchase new weapons and armor until you can finally defeat him.

The interface and presentation is clean and what we have come to expect from Epic. You will find no virtual joysticks as the game is a touch and go kind of interface. You can free look around and you will because it is beautiful and when your ready to move on you simply touch one of the couple directions that you can progress and move on.

Attacking an enemy is as simple as swiping across your device and if your timing is good, you can even parry attacks. Dodging is easily done and by pressing on the appropriate button to dodge left or right.

Magic is done by drawing the symbol on the screen of the particular magic you currently have. You gain magic from items that you acquire and depending on the item, you may have only one spell or a choice of many.

The more time I spent with Infinity Blade, the more I enjoyed it. It is an excellent balance of console and mobile experience. It has the trademarks of a great mobile title with addicting game play in short sizable chunks  and the attractive price point. It has the epic (pun intended) feel and visuals of a big console title.

If you have an Apple device, you owe it to yourself to experience this title.