Game Review: Wordstr (iOS)

Wordstr is an iPad title from Little Fun & Games LLC that requires you to  guess a five letter word. You receive no hints to what the word is but must make guesses to eliminate letters to finally determine what it is. A timer keeps the pressure on and the better your guesses are, the higher the score. Think of it like Wheel of Fortune only instead of buying vowels or guessing individual letters you have to guess full words.

As you guess a word it will grey out the letters on the keyboard or highlight them in green depending on if one of the letters is in the hidden word or not. So using creativity and logic, you can quickly eliminate words and solve it.

If you correctly guess the word quickly enough, you will be placed into a bonus round where you input as many anagrams as possible before the timer runs out for bonus points. A simple premise but highly addicting and if you are into word games, this one will not disappoint in the least bit. I am constantly trying to beat my high score or reclaim the high score if someone happens to have beaten mine. It also has a dictionary built in for those words that you don't recognize and wish to learn.

I have really enjoyed this title, it has tons of replay and can be played in either short or long sessions. If you're into word games, I recommend checking this one out.