Game Review: Homefront (PS3,360)

Homefront is a FPS that takes place in the not so distant future where the U.S.A. has fallen on very hard times as a result of  economic strife and warfare in the middle east. North and South Korea have unified and  risen to become a nuclear power through occupation of Japan and invades the U.S.A. The early levels develop the story and showcase the desperation of Americans and the brutality of the Occupying Koreans. You play the part of Robert Jacobs a Marine pilot that is being sent to be a re-education camp and is rescued by American Resistance fighters. Ill leave the rest of the story alone as there really isn't much in terms of length to begin with.

The game utilizes the Unreal engine but you honestly wouldn't know it if it didn't display the logo. The visuals in the game are nothing noteworthy and often look as though this game jumped into a DeLorean with Doc Brown and made it's way to us from the last generation of consoles. It could be the bland visuals or the constant barrage of the same  textures used over and over again that paints a pretty painful picture.

I wish that I could tell you that with the lack of visual detail,  they focused the more on the game play or perhaps the A.I. is stellar and will provide a challenge but I am sorry but no such luck. The most challenging thing about the A.I. is handling your squad mates lack of intelligence. The first thing you will note is while playing, your team has the nasty habit of moving in front of you and stopping for no reason at all. This normally wouldn't be an issue except that collision is on and you cannot walk through them or move them by any means (shooting them, melee or even dropping a grenade by them). This is compounded by the fact that there are instances where you are in tight quarters and cannot proceed without getting around them. You are then forced to backtrack or reload a checkpoint. When approaching a ladder, sewer tunnel entrance or even a hole in a chain link fence, you are forced to wait for them to proceed first before you are able to. More often than not, when hiding behind cover, one them will decide to utilize the same peace of cover and bump you out from behind it so that you can be riddled full of holes.
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The game  takes a nose dive after the second level and really didn't get fun again for me until the final level when it comes to an end in under six hours… Not really worth the price of admission if you ask me. Especially when there are a half a dozen other shooters out that offer a more gratifying experience. Admittedly, I played very little multi-player  so I will not cover it in this review but it would have to be amazing to get the taste of the single player experience out of your mouth. Overall, I like the plot but they really didn't do enough with it to justify the cost. I think I would rather read a graphic novel based on it than play the game. I would suggest maybe a rental if you are part of a unlimited rental plan somewhere or just skip it altogether. The trophy list can be found here.

If you still interested in the game and a glutton for punishment.

Homefront 360

Homefront PS3