Game Review: Crysis 2 (360,PS3)

The original Crysis was considered a benchmark when it came to graphics and let's be honest, the game play wasn't too shabby either. Crysis 2 on current generation consoles was exciting prospect but I kept my excitement in check and decided to wait and see.

The five minute version of the story is that you assume the role of a Marine code named “Alcatraz” deployed to New York to extract a Dr Nathan Gould.   The aliens known as the Ceph throw a wrench in the mission and your submarine is destroyed. You are saved by “Prophet”, a member of Delta squadron, who kills himself and gives you his Nano Suit. Everyone thinks your Prophet and you proceed to work with Gould in hopes to fighting the Ceph and finding a cure to the virus that is running rampant in Manhattan.

The first thing that you will notice  is that the game is gorgeous, so much detail everywhere and I never noticed a moment of slow down at any point in the game.  I spent a lot of my time being a tourist and enjoying the beauty in environment.

While Crysis 2 is a FPS with the standard controls and interface, it is different methods in which you can complete each mission that made it so much for me. You can run and gun it or play the tactical sneaky sneak  method. Each level has different tactical options that are presented to you and you can then go about how you want to tackle it. I typically started out trying one method and midway through, completely changing my tactics.

The Nano Suit has different modes that you can enable and disable throughout the game.

Infiltration Mode – which pretty grants you limited  invisibility, think predator mode.

Armor Mode– maximum armor at the expense of agility.

Tactical Mode– Highlights tactical options available. Allows you to tag items, like enemies etc

Nanovision Mode– Think thermal vision.

These modes use energy and when the energy runs out, you are unable to sprint or use abilities as well as your armor depletion rate at which you begin taking damage and eventually be killed. Energy helps to maintain a nice balance to everything in both single player as well as multi-player. Multi-player offers standard modes and the now standard array of gameplay types as well as upgrades/unlockables as you level.

Overall I have enjoyed this title immensely and the only complaint that I have about it is completely preference but I would have liked the option to turn off just the Nano Suit engaged voices, over the course of the game they can get to be a bit old. I highly recommend this game to anyone that is a fan of the shooter genre.

Crysis 2 XBox 360

Crysis 2 PS3

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