This Week At Bag Of Mad Bastards

BOMBRetroWhile we won’t bore you with details, it’s been a while, and there were reasons.

We’re back to work, starting this week.

Every Monday you can expect a post about the coming week at BOMB, and the new media and discussions we’re going to be working on.

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. I didn’t want to wait 6 more days.

This Week
We will be updating the site, adding and removing categories, and relaunching with gaming and comic news daily.

Our latest podcasts will finally be accessible from the site. This is something that’s needed fixing for a very long while. COMPLETE

A new episode of our latest creation, Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast will drop on Friday, with very special guest Vinny from Is Horrible Podcast adding his skill and acumen.

If all this goes well, expect to see new (huge) announcements in the next weekly update.

Wish us luck,