Comic Pull List For 4/27

Once again, I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat, waiting to know what books I’ll be grabbing this week. Standoff

#1 Pick – Standoff Assault On Pleasant Hill Omega #1
The final installment of the Standoff event. Finally, my wallet gets a break.

#2 Pick – Amazing Spider-Man #11
Hoping this whole Zodiac storyline is winding up. While it’s been cool, it’s starting to wear a little thin. C’mon already! Take ’em down Pete!

#3 Pick – International Iron Man #2
Having already purchased the first issue, and not really digging it, I’m going to give this series a fair chance before moving on. While this promises to start clearing up some of the mystery around the ‘alternate’ history of Tony Stark, like who his parents REALLY are… I dunno. The first issue just didn’t grab me. But… I’ll give it another go.

Honorable Mention – Daredevil #6
Wait a second… Elektra’s back? And she’s pissed at Murdock? That would be enough for me to sign on if my kids weren’t picking this title up and I’ll likely get to read it anyway.

What comics are on your pull list this week? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or just send me an email.