Matt’s Pull List – June 14, 2017

Happy Comic Book Day!

Here’s what I’m picking up today, and my recommended pick of the week.

Secret Empire #4
Despite the controversy (or maybe because of it) Nick Spencer is weaving a VERY interesting tale that promises to have an impact on all of Marvel’s books heading into the future. If you haven’t been reading this event, you’re missing out.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #23
Tying into the Secret Empire storyline (and being a great series on its own), another book written by Nick Spencer. Man, that guy is writing everything these days.

Pick Of The Week: Defenders #1
If you’re even remotely interested in the Netflix Marvel series this is a no-brainer. Also, it’s Bendis writing Jessica Jones. You can’t go wrong with that.

As always, I’ll be covering these books and a whole lot more with my Marvelous Bastards co-hosts next week, so make sure you’ve caught up on your reading.

Wouldn’t want any spoilers.

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