Matt’s Pull List – 6/21/2017

Once again, it’s Comic Book Day. All hail Comic Book Day!

This is what I picked up today, and my personal Pick ‘O’ The Week.

Man-Thing #5
Honestly? I gave up on this limited series after the third issue. It’s a shame, the character is one of my favorites. At least this is the last issue of the series, and there is a chance of a proper return of Man-Thing. I only picked it up to round out the collection.

Invincible Iron Man #8
Still not sure why they call it Iron MAN. Her name is Riri. She’s a teenage girl. She calls herself Ironheart. Regardless, it’s well written, and a lot of fun.

Daredevil #22
Finally a run worthy of one of my favorite characters. What’s not to like about a redhead Irish guy named Matt?

Pick of the Week: Steve Rogers: Captain America #18
Nick Spencer has revitalized my interest in all things Captain America (including the Sam Wilson arc, and Secret Empire). The cover? Namor and Steve battling beneath the waves. Seriously? How much cooler could that get?

So… what’s on your playlist? Let me know.