The Official B.O.M.B. Playstation Scoring System

You asked, and here it is.

For over 5 years the Bag Of Mad Bastards crew have been scoring their trophies on the Playstation Network. We’ve kept painstaking records, had a few tournaments, and we’ve even talked about it on podcasts a few times.

Now you can play along. Ahead lies some pretty confusing math. Don’t worry, if you just want to know your score, I’ve included some tools at the end of the article that handle all the math for you. If you don’t care how or why we calculate our scores this way, just scroll to the bottom, and look for the ‘The Easy Way’ heading.

First, a little history…
Back in 2012 there was a debate between Josh, Ali, and Brian concerning what was more important: the amount of trophies you have earned on your Playstation ID, or the quality of the trophies you have earned (more Gold, Silvers, or Platinums versus Bronze). Matt and Lee joined the debate, and added that perhaps the more you completed games you played might be just as important. There was also the point to be made that trophies from a more difficult game might have something to do with it.

Over a very drunken weekend, Matt came up with a formula (later tuned and revised) to take into account all factors, and to come up with a raw ‘Score’ to measure how well you were doing with your trophy hunting.

Since then, we have created a trophy hunting league, with weekly bragging rights, all-time records, and once in a while… tournaments. All of this based on the ‘magic formula’.

The Formula
In a nutshell… Efficiency x Difficulty x Completion Rate = Score

Efficiency is a measure of how ‘valuable’ your trophies are. Bronze vs Platinum. Anyone can get a Bronze trophy in moments, but it takes an extra effort to get Silver, Gold, or Platinum trophies. The PSN has a point value for the different levels of trophies, and this is how your Level on the PSN is calculated (like XP in an RPG).

According to PSN point values, Bronze are worth 15 XP, Silver are worth 30 XP, Gold are worth 90 XP, and Platinum trophies are worth 180 XP. Ultimately, to make everything even out, and keep the weighting of each category of stat even, we lowered this value to 1% of the raw average. For this score, just take the average point value of every trophy you’ve ever earned, add those values together, divide it by the total number of trophies you’ve earned, then multiply that by .01.

I know, it’s complex, but again I have included a tool you can use to find your score.

Difficulty is a measure of how difficult the average player will find it to achieve that trophy. We use a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most difficult. We used to score the difficulty of the whole game instead of individual trophies, but the site we WERE using to find that score has experience issues, and it was highly subjective. We switched sites for our Difficulty data. Now we measure the difficulty of individual trophies, and it’s based on the rarity of the trophy. How many people that have played the game have actually managed to earn the trophy? We use one of the statistical features of The site is free, but has benefits for paid users. They do good work, never send you spam, and you should probably throw them a little money. If you view your profile on that site, on your Stats tab you will find a yellow pie chart on the left hand side. You want that number. It’s how rare your trophies are. Again, it’s in the yellow pie chart and is labeled Average.

Because we are looking for a positive multiplier, and that rating gets LOWER the better you are doing, we need to adjust it. Take that number, minus it from 100, then divide it by 10 (so it’s equally weighted).

That’s your Difficulty rating.

Completion is much easier. It is the average completion percentage of all the games you’ve played. We track this manually with an enormous database. But, for those of you playing at home, just go back to the Stats tab on, and grab the number in the green pie chart next to the one you used before. You won’t need to adjust this number for weighting.

That is your Completion rating.

The Final Score
Take your Efficiency, Difficulty, and Completion and multiply them against each other… then multiply that by 1000. Otherwise, you won’t be dealing with whole numbers. That is your Score. At the time of my sitting down to write this, my Score is 813. How’s yours?

If that confused you, or you just want a quick score, here’s the plan.

Download our spreadsheet calculator. I’ve made it available in Microsoft Office format and in OpenOffice ODS format.

Trophy Score Calculator XLS
Trophy Score Calculator ODS

Fill in the fields for your total amount of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies. This will automatically calculate your Efficiency.

Go to and enter your PSN ID, click Update User.

Wait for it to update your profile, then click on the link that says ‘Go To (your PSN ID)’s Profile Now)’.

Click on the Stats section.

Grab the number from the yellow pie chart and input it in the spreadsheet under ‘Ave Rarity’.

Get the number from the green pie chart and input it in the spreadsheet under the ‘Average Completion’ field.

You now have your Score.

Let me know how you do!

If you would like to see how you compare to our Trophy Hunting League, you can find our current standings page here. We update daily (approximately), and reset the weekly results on Tuesday mornings.

Want to play some games? My PSN ID is SolarShockMatt. Hit me up.