A Delayed Reaction: Portal Knights (PS4)

How did this all start, Brian sends me a text.  “You should check out Portal Knights, I think it is right down your alley.” So I went and downloaded the demo.

Now they did a great job of not letting you experience anything about the game at all in the “demo”.  So you either have to buy the full version or have a friend that has paid for it and lets you play it to see if you like it. From what Brian had told me about it I just made the leap and got the game.

Portal Knights is a limited sandbox  / RPG / mine and gather / craft type of game.  Each level is a randomly generated island that is floating in the sky, and yes you will fall off a lot.  On each island there are specific items that you can harvest from that level only. So you will find yourself needing something for a quest or an item you want to craft and heading back to islands to get those items a lot. When you die you do not lose anything but coins, and I haven’t been able to find an actual use for coins yet so you wont have to run back to pick items up or lose durability on items when that happens.  The RPG element is not what you would think. All it is, is that when you level up you gain points to put in an ability to make that higher, and there is a passive skill tree that you chose some things at certain levels.  so there is not a ton of dialogue to wade through and deal with, you just level up your character. Also as you get to the higher levels patterns will drop that you can learn to craft higher items that don’t just pop up standard in the workbench type things you use to craft.

There are three classes, warrior (haven’t played), wizard (haven’t played) and a ranger (always go ranged!)

They are all standard class types from RPGs, the warrior doesn’t hit hard, but can take damage, the wizard can hit hard, but is squishy, and the ranger is balanced with damage dealing and taking.

On the islands there are random groups of enemy’s that get progressively harder the higher the level but it scales well with the level progression. You could end up joining a friends game that is way higher level than you and might need to stay back while they take care of enemy’s but it wouldn’t talk long for you to be able to contribute.

You also have the option to choose a home island.  Your home island you can quick travel to at any time very easily.  You can set this up on any island but wait till you have found a vendor on an island and set up shop there, it is nice to have someone to sell the stuff you don’t need in any way shape or form to get some coins… that are worthless 😉

All in all it is a very fun game, if you are looking for something that is between Minecraft and action adventure game this is for you.

If you are a trophy hunter be aware that there are a couple super grinding trophys that will take time, a lot of time.