Pokemon GO! Moltres Is On Its Way

If you have been playing Pokémon GO! lately then you are aware that the legendaries have been released, kinda.  After the debacle at FEST in Chicago they have launched Lugia and Articuno, at least for a week.  Articuno was released because team Mystic caught the most Pokémon world-wide during FEST, but Ninatic wants to get all the main three birds out.  Team Valor came in second catching Pokémon so they get their bird starting this week untill some time on the 7th of August.

For all you raiders going for Moltres starting today here is the rundown of the Pokémon you should use to take him on.

Main weakness Rock, followed by Electric and Water.

If you have Golem, Omastar, Kingler, Sudowoodo, and Tyranitar maxed out you are all set, and it never hurts to toss in a Rhydon or Dragonite in the mix.

Have fun out there trying to get a Moltres and we will see you next week for the Zapdos.