Moltres Obtained!

Moltres Obtained!

For all you out there that didn’t make it out to try to grab one, they are super easy to beat, but hit really hard.

You can take it down with out a problem with a group of nine 30+ level players and one level 15 and still only lose one or two Pokémon out of your six.

Catching one seems to be just as difficult though just heads up.

Also from personal experience, if you are getting what I call the limp ball, AKA you throw it as hard as you can and it still just drops to the ground like you accidentally tapped the ball and didn’t throw it. Turn off your phone! don’t shut down the game, don’t use anymore of your golden berrys or the precious white poke ball, just turn off your phone. Wait ten seconds then turn it back on, go in the game, tap on the gym and you will go back into your attempt to catch the bird.

Good luck getting your Moltres out there!