Preparing For Zapdos

You may not have your Moltres yet, but you might need to start preparing for Zapdos by getting the best Pokémon for the battle leveled up.

Zap comes out sometime on August 7th, and will stick around for a week.  Mol hit at around 5:30 PM MT so we can probably assume the same time on the 7th.

With Zap we are looking at an equal weakness with ice and rock.

With that being the case, we are looking at Golem and Rhydon (who you should be using this week for Mol), and start working on a good IV Cloyster.  Also get your Articuno up if you have some candies for it.  And always toss in your Dragonite and Tyranitar.

Please keep in mind, this is what makes sense to me, and I am not using any systems to figure out what Pokémon to use. I am sure there are places to go and get that information, but I am basing this on the attacks my Pokémon have, and experience in the field.

Pretty simple line up to use, hopefully you have more stardust that I do.

PS: Lugia’s are still in the system to raid. One just popped up in my game!