Pokemon GO! Whats Next

What happens on August 14th with legendaries? We have no idea! Therefore we say prep for awesome.

If Mewtwo is launched on the 14th when Zapdos and most likely Lugia end, then we need to be prepared!

Mewtwo takes extra damage from Dark, Ghost, and Bug. He is resistant to Psychic and Fighting.

With that in mind, here are my thoughts on the best Pokémon and proper attacks to contribute in a raid group.

  • Tyranitar– with fast Bite (Dark) and charged Crush (Dark).  I know Crush is not the best charged attack for Tyran, but in this case we are after Dark damage.
  • Scizor – with fast Fury Cutter (Bug) and charged X-Scissor (Bug). Once again I know these are not the best attacks for Scizor, but they are Bug and do the damage we want.
  • Gengar– with fast Hex (Ghost) and charged Shadow Ball (Ghost). Definitely don’t want Sludge Bomb on your Gengar, considering it is Psy damage.
  • Houndoom– with fast Snarl (Dark) and charged Foul Play (Dark). In this case Snarl is the weaker attack, but it is Dark damage.

Those are the big four. As always toss in your Dragonite, and maybe a Scyther to round out your dream team.

Go forth and get the candy and stardust you need to start getting these guys up to par for whenever Mewtwo comes out.