Pokemon GO! Mewtwo Time

Josh guessed, and guessed right! Mewtwo has been launched.

If you want to see his best team line up to take on a Mewtwo check out the Pokemon GO! Whats Next story he did last week.


From the official Pokemon GO! announcement we have learned a few things. First, Mewtwo was launched at the stadium event in Yokohama, Japan. Now that it is out there, they have started what are called Exclusive Raid Battles.  An Exclusive Raid Battle will be kinda odd, you will have to be invited to participate in the raid. If you have participated and succeeded in a raid at the gym where the exclusive is going to pop, then you will receive an invite. The invite will give you advanced warning of when it will take place, “giving you ample time to coordinate with other trainers before taking on the powerful raid boss.”  This is where all the problems will start. If you get an invite, will you go to the next city where you happened to be visiting and did a raid? Will enough people show up to the raid? Will too many arrive with invites, so you will have an odd ball number left over that wont be able to beat it? Also with the mention of coordination will they be adding a chat feature so you can coordinate your exclusive group?

So many questions, with no real answers yet. At least it is a good reason to go out and get in your free raid a day.

Now for all of you out there that didn’t get your birds there is very good news. As of right now, already seen in-game, all the birds are active and live until August 31st! So if you didn’t snag one, you have 2 weeks to pull it off, and maybe, just maybe, you will get an invite to a Mewtwo!

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