New In Theaters 8-29-08

Just when I was thinking of going to the theater again, along comes some seriously craptacular material. Ah well, there are a couple bright spots.

Full listing inside.

Movies releasing in theaters this week:

Babylon A.D. – Rated PG-13

Looks like The Transporter meets Fifth Element. I’m really not interested in anything Vin Diesel does anymore… unless he wants to play Kratos in the upcoming film adaptation of God of War.

College – Rated R

Maybe I’m just getting too old for the genre, but why do we need another teen party movie? SuperBad pretty much nailed it for this generation, House Party, Porky’s, and American Pie for earlier generations, Animal House before that. Think I’ll skip this one.

Disaster Movie – Rated PG-13

From the guys that brought you Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet The Spartans. I think the title says it all. If I want to indulge in this kind of humor I’ll throw a blow-up doll, an issue of Maxim, and a box of condoms in front of your mom. Her response would probably be more entertaining.

Traitor – Rated PG-13

The premise looks fairly mundane, but how can you go wrong with Don Cheadle?

Young People F**king – Rated R

Won some awards. Getting some positive buzz. Finally getting a wide release. Ok, you talked me into it. Besides, it’s got a great title.


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