Twin Mirror Coming To Playstation 4 In 2019

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bandai Namco have released an announcement trailer for Twin Mirror, an atmospheric adventure game developed by DONTNOD (you may remember them from Life Is Strange).

From the Playstation blog:

Your story begins in the town of Basswood, West Virginia, where Sam has returned to attend the funeral of his best friend. While recovering from a heavy break-up, Sam finds himself dejected and downtrodden as he interacts with former friends in his hometown. But, things start to take a turn for the worse when Sam wakes up in his hotel room the next day. With a shirt covered in blood and no whereabouts of the previous night, it’s now up to Sam to recall his memories and search for disparate clues in Basswood to find the truth in this mysterious investigation! But remember… the clock is ticking.

Sounds intriguing enough… but I’m a little concerned by some of  the voice acting in the trailer.

I guess we’ll find out for sure sometime in 2019. Have some screen shots too.