About BOMB

Bag Of Mad Bastards (BOMB) is a group of like-minded individuals rallying behind the cause of truly independent media.

BOMB are the madmen (and madwomen) behind the podcasts Down The Rabbit Hole, Serve The Song, and Drunken Monkey Tech. BOMB also provides continuous coverage of video games, comics, technology, movies, politics… whatever interests us (and hopefully you).

Brian Ellis: Co-founder/Senior Editor

Specializing in all things PC and network related. If it’s broke, Brian can fix it… or hit it with a rock.

Email: brian@bagofmadbastards.com
Playstation ID: Teremai
Twitter: @BagOBrian

Josh Shelton: Co-founder/Senior Editor

Josh is currently playing The Division and working on his yard.

Email: josh@bagofmadbastards.com
Playstation ID: TheFett
Twitter: @BOMBJosh

Matt Ellis: Co-founder/Senior Editor

Matt is the media guy, with a background in video and audio production. He’ll also burn your face off at Rock Band, on ANY instrument.

Email: matt@bagofmadbastards.com
Playstation ID: SolarShockMatt
Twitter: @BOMBMatt

Ali Crabtree: Associate Editor

Staff photographer, event coordinator, group optimist. Oh… and she punches Josh a lot.

Email: ali@bagofmadbastards.com
Playstation ID: SolarShockAli
Twitter: @BOMBAli

Leola ‘Lee’ Ellis: Associate Editor

Staff graphic designer and art correspondent. She’s inhuman with PixelJunk Eden and Lumines.

Email: lee@bagofmadbastards.com
Playstation ID: LeeTheArteest
Twitter: @GeminiArtist

Danny Chadwick: Host

Opinionated co-host of Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast, card carrying anarchist.

Email: danny@bagofmadbastards.com
Twitter: @DannyChadwick

Jared Menard: Host

Multi-talented co-host of Serve The Song Podcast, musical savant.

Email: jared@bagofmadbastards.com

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  1. Cobra says:

    Excellent site you got here! Lookin’ forward to hearing more about the music stuff. Cheers!

  2. eric says:

    Question about the Roadie2 coupler & the ION drum kit. I just receive the coupler in the mail and was planning on taking your suggestion about a 1/4 stereo to mono cable. The only thing is I just purchased a stereo to mono ‘adapter’ cause thats all they had he said. Can you please identity this cable to me, or if you have a link where it can be purchased I greatly appreciate it as I want to get this thing up and running . Thanks for your time.

  3. I’m not sure where I got mine, it’s been kicking around the house for a couple years.

    However, an adapter should work just fine. If it doesn’t, try swapping ends around.

  4. Kevin Kent says:

    Hey guys, Thanks for the smart comments about the You Rock Guitar. Funny, how some people just get it immediately and others ponder over whether it will be better on RockBand or Guitar Hero. Send me an email and I’ll put you on our list for updates. I culd send you a 3D render of the form factor in production, but I should have some final units any day. Where are you guys?

    Kevin Kent

  5. Hey Kevin!

    A few of us have backgrounds in music (performance, production, and instruction), so the potential immediately got our attention.

    We’re in Northern Utah, but we WILL be at E3… and we’ll look forward to any updates you have for us.

    I’m personally chomping at the bit to try the instrument in a recording environment… maybe some new themes for our podcasts.

    I’ll send you an email so you have our addresses.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Carinafaith says:

    You guys need a page with your game info on it…so we’s can play’s with YOU!!! I am currently listening to your podcasts “again” to try to find which server you are on in Lost Chaos… 😀

  7. Josh has been working feverishly on that EXACT page. We’re going to be overhauling the site completely towards the end of June, and it’s on our to-do list. Maybe we can add something temporarily to help out.

    For Last Chaos, you can find us on the Cariae-6 Server (Josh likes the RP servers). My character is named BOMBMatt.

  8. justbugin says:

    you guys have some pretty good reviews and your local. it would be awesome to play with you guys sometime. or ill just see you at the local BB.

  9. LOL Yeah… I’m generally in the Riverdale BB on Tuesdays around 3pm (seems that’s when games are unloaded, IF they are going to be there on Tuesday).

    Send me a friend invite for any platform, we’ll compare games and play.

  10. Tech News says:

    My cousin would be amazed this blog post. We were not too long ago discussing about this. hehe

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